Powerturn Off Road Karts

The Powerturn concept is fast becoming a popular alternative to Quads, Rally Karts and karting. Its particularly suitable for corporate entertainment and leisure companies who want to offer the most up to date, safe and best fun for their customers. It will also give tremendous excitement to families and friends with access to suitable land.

What is a Powerturn offroad kart?

The Powerturn 413 off road kart is completely new type of vehicle providing maximum safety. Its two drive wheels are ‘powered’ at different speeds (by two engines) to make the Powerturn buggy ‘turn’. It is also the first vehicle that anyone can wheelie safely even around corners and can often be driven round a track quicker than a conventionally steered go kart – but its also great fun sliding it and spinning it in all directions.

You can move through more angles with more speed than anything else you can control yourself and your body soon works out that this is something very different. The extra movement dimension, acceleration and cornering potential provide greater excitement all at safer lower speeds than many conventional off road kart.

Controlling a Powerturn off road buggy is much more of a challenging and rewarding experience than turning yet another steering wheel or pair of handlebars, and most people pick it up quite quickly. Because the vehicle’s weight is all on its two drive wheels, traction is superb and with knobbly tyres it can be used even in very slippery or muddy conditions.