Off Road Buggy Photos

Photos of off road buggies in action

Here are a selection of photographs showing off road go karts in action. The mud buggies perform well on a large range of surfaces, grass, concrete, mud, puddles, sand – nothing is too much for our mud buggies.

You can also see the effort we put into the safety of our off road buggies: with a full custom built roll cage, bucket seats and four point race harnesses. We also recommend helmets when ever you drive the Powerturn off road buggy.

These pictures also show you how the six wheels work together to make thePowerturn as fun to drive as it is. The front wheels pivot to ease steering and stability, the middle wheels provide the power and turning (by adjusting the power to each wheel) and the back wheels prevent the Powerturn off road buggy from flipping over when wheelieing. Amazing fun.

Twin seater off road buggy, better than any off road go-cart Up on two wheels at full throttle. The back jocky wheels ensure you don’t flip over. Powerturn off road buggies will run on any surface Whizzing along on four wheels. The roll cage offers protection from rolls.
Off road go karts in the mud Swamped in mud the Powerturn keeps on going thanks to its chunky tyres. Powerful engines on this off road buggy Power sliding in one of our single-seaters. Notice the harness.
Off road kart goes to new owner One of our customers trying out his new new single-seater Powerturn for size. Off road rally karts The twin engines give plenty of power even allowing you to get airbourne.
All terrain go-karts Another single seater being put through its paces on sand this time. Powerful all terrain buggies More air-time! Sure looks like fun.
Off road buggy cabin Close up of the interior. Buckets seatc, harnesses and the two control sticks. Off road buggy in the water One way of cleaning down the bodywork at the end of the day, a hose pipe will do though.